In the Beginning…

Tim Snover started his career in the remodeling industry at the age of 19 with an entry level position driving a dump truck and cleaning up building sites. Eager to learn more and increase his knowledge and skills in carpentry, he was able to work alongside talented men that were willing to teach and guide him along the way. After four years of apprenticeship, he was leading his own crew and providing needed value to the company.

Tim’s work ethic was instilled at an early age as he worked alongside his father and brothers on a small family homestead caring for animals, gathering firewood for the winter season, hay for the horses and general upkeep of the property. “Make hay while the sun shines,” “ A dollar saved is a dollar earned,” and “ The early bird gets the worm” were some of the common phrases around the house that helped shape his early rise and get the day started philosophy.

After many years in the construction industry as a contractor, and project supervisor, Statera Builders was formed to bring another honest and trusted builder to the Triangle area. A professional option for new home construction and remodeling with small town roots.

Another part of Statera Builders mission is to teach others and give back to the community. Tim volunteers at a local theatre group, his church and with the Town of Garner; it helps keep him aware of the needs of others and areas to serve. Tim and his family have lived in the Garner area for 25 years and have been excited to see the growth the area has experienced as well as what the future holds.

“Working with my hands and being able to take an idea or concept and bring it to reality is so satisfying. I have always enjoyed the physical aspect of construction and believe it brings an added value to the customer during their project. As an owner operated company, the hands on involvement with each build helps avoid delays and keeps the project within the budget.” ~ Tim

Timothy J Snover